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Christian Meditation

by Michael Myers

“I will meditate on Your precepts, and contemplate Your ways.” ~Psalm 119:15~ Reading through the Bible in a year is a good practice, but one can easily fall into the trap of reading merely for distance. While there is value in covering the vast mountain range of Scripture, one must not neglect the important work […]

400 to 1: Are You Willing to Contend?

by Michael Myers

Christians everywhere hold Athanasius the Great in high esteem. Athanasius contra mundum (Athanasius against the world) evokes thoughts of championing the cause of orthodoxy against the tides of heresy. I thank God for Athanasius. As one who stood for the cause of biblical, Trinitarian theology, his task was unique and essential. His contending for the […]

Christianity 101

by Michael Myers

Over the last couple of years I began assigning our communicant class participants the task of writing out the membership vows of the church in their own words. As I have worked through the project with several different classes, I realized with more clarity that these words outline the simple yet profound basics of genuine […]

Not a New Normal

by Michael Myers

Things have been changing very rapidly lately. Many have been shuttered into homes, masks and gloves are appearing everywhere, and churches have largely been relegated to modified and digitally dispersed services. Some have even begun to call this a “new normal.” In this short and more general post, I want to plead with you from […]

Some Pastoral Reflections on Covid-19

by Michael Myers

As a nation and as local communities, the last few weeks have shown us what can happen when disaster strikes. The spread of both the reality and the insanity related to the COVID-19 disease has brought the American way to a screeching halt. With almost all sports cancelled or delayed, with schools closed, with local […]