Is this a costume event?

No, just come as  you are and join the fun!


What age range is the festival for?

This event is for the entire family.  We will have a toddler fun room, game and activity booths for preschoolers through youth, and Bakeshop Bingo for the adults.  Although we will not be providing a staffed nursery, the room will be available for use by guests who need a place to change a diaper, nurse a baby, or give their little ones a chance to crawl around and play for a bit.


Does it cost anything?

No, you can leave your wallet at home because all of the food and fun is free!


What is Reformation Day?

Reformation Day commemorates Martin Luther’s nailing of his ninety-five theses to the church door on October 31, 1517, which provoked a debate that culminated in what we now call the Protestant Reformation. This law student turned Augustinian monk became the center of a great controversy after his theses were copied and distributed throughout Europe. Initially protesting the pope’s attempt to sell salvation, Luther’s study of Scripture soon led him to oppose the church of Rome on issues including the primacy of the Bible over church tradition and the means by which we are found righteous in the sight of God.

Martin Luther’s rediscovery of this truth led to a whole host of other church and societal reforms and much of what we take for granted in the West would have likely been impossible had he never graced the scene. Luther’s translation of the Bible into German put the Word of God in the hands of the people, and today Scripture is available in the vernacular language of many countries, enabling lay people to study it with profit. He reformed the Latin mass by putting the liturgy in the common tongue so that non-scholars could hear and understand the preached word of God and worship the Lord with clarity. Luther lifted the unbiblical ban on marriage for the clergy and by his own teaching and example radically transformed the institution itself.

Today, Luther’s legacy lives on in the creeds and confessions of Protestant bodies worldwide. As we consider his importance this Reformation Day, let us equip ourselves to be knowledgeable proclaimers and defenders of biblical truth.