Bill Shishko was born on December 18, 1951 in Putnam, Connecticut, the rural northeastern corner of that New England state. He was raised in a nominal Greek Orthodox home, although he received some early religious instruction at a local Episcopal Church.

Bill went through the turbulent period of the 1960′s and, as a result, became enamored of the Marxist ideology that was then common among young people. He began working in radio at the age of 15. Through a Christian radio program (which was aired on the Sunday mornings on which he worked at the radio station) Bill heard the Gospel presented and was converted in February, 1970.
Beginning in August, 1970 Bill began his college education at Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC. It was there that he first learned the Reformed faith. He became a member of Shannon Forest Presbyterian Church (RPCES), led the youth group of that congregation, and also taught the church’s large adult Sunday School class. He graduated University in 1974, and remained on for two years as a teaching assistant in the history department. During that time he met Margaret Reader, the woman who would become his wife in June, 1976. It was also during that time that the session of the Shannon Forest Presbyterian Church encouraged Bill to attend seminary and pursue a call to the Christian ministry.

Bill attended Westminster Theological Seminary from 1976 – 1979. During the time of his studies he served for one year as an apologetics teaching assistant under Professor John Frame. He also did an internship at a local Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1978.

Following seminary Bill was called to serve as an organizing pastor for a Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod congregation in McClellanville, SC. Ordained in October, 1979, he served the mission church from July of that year through early February, 1981. In January, 1981 Bill was called to serve the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Franklin Square, on Long Island, NY. He began his labors there in February, 1981, and remains as pastor to this day. During his time as pastor of the Franklin Square congregation the church has been blessed with significant numerical growth, and has overseen the formation of two mission churches, one in Mount Vernon, NY and the other in Bohemia, NY.

Bill and his wife, Margaret, have been blessed with six children, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Christopher, Timothy, Stephen, and Elisabeth. They count it their greatest privilege to be servants of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to serve Him in the Church of which they are a part.